About Us

Nima Mehrabany


Alborz Tour was launched in 2008 by Nima Mehrabany with the aim of planning and conducting nature-based tours, and its founder is trying to use his years of experience in performing nature tours and provide the highest quality. The goals of Alborz Tour were mostly based on implementing different programs, traveling to pristine natural areas, and raising the level of public awareness of fellow travelers about nature and the environment, and helping local communities.


Alborz Tour staff try to provide conditions for fellow travelers to enjoy the tranquility and scenery of natural environments, and at the same time, each of the fellow travelers become more familiar with the environment and its preservation, touching the lives of local people, and get acquainted with the animal and plant species of each region. The purpose of such tours is not just to get away from the urban environment and visit natural areas, but we want that in addition to this, fellow travelers to get more information about nature to be visited.


Our motto is "Small group, big adventure"

Due to the sensitivity of the visited natural areas and the need to pay attention to the standards of nature tourism, we have always tried to take into account the capacity of the visited area, and most tours are usually performed with less than 10 people. In addition to preventing severe destruction of nature, maintaining the tranquility of natural environments, and other related factors, this action is in line with the initial slogan of Alborz Tour: "Small group, big adventure".

Commitment to principles

فعالیت های البرز تورIn line with the main goal of ecotourism (ecotourism is a responsible trip to natural areas, which preserves the environment and improves the lives of local people) Alborz Tour has always put the following in its activities:


  •   Reducing the destructive effects on nature as a result of visiting and holding tours.
  •   Trying to create environmental and cultural awareness among fellow travelers Trying to instill a sense of respect and interest in nature and local communities among fellow travelers.
  •   Provide a platform for positive activities for the host community and visitors Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.


The concept of Alborz Tour badge

مفهوم لوگو و نشان البرز تور

Alborz Tour badge consists of four components:

- A bird flying with an olive branch: a symbol of peace, freedom, friendship, tranquility, and wisdom.
- Mountain (rock): a sign of steadfastness, height, hard work, adventure, and at the same time pristine nature.
- The tree is a symbol of creation, support, stability, the source of life, and procreation.
- Butterfly: Indicates transformation, the spirit of nature, life, life, and biodiversity.
The Alborz emblem uses three colors: green, blue, and white:
- Green: freshness, nature, life
- Blue: Purity and cleanliness, without borders and end, health
- White: Peace, tranquility, stability




تورهای طبیعت گردی البرز دوستدار محیط زیست

سال جهانی تنوع زیستیThe International ecotourism Societyانجمن حفظ محیط کوهستان