Desert trekking - Mesr to Arousan

Desert trekking tour - Mesr to Arousan


 The following itinerary is a sample and can be totally customized based on your request.

First night:
23:00 Departure from Tehran Tuesday night.
The first day:
Breakfast in route Moaleman (Package - Tour Alborz), arriving to Central Desert of Iran around 10 a.m, and Mesr village, short visit of the village and rural people, delivery of multi-day backpack to support team, desert trekking starts around 12 in the desert sands for about 10 km distance, lunch on the way (tourists - portable pack a day), arriving to location of the camp before sunset, basic training for survival in nature, free time, watching desert sky (visual observation), the fire and dinner soiree (Alborz Tour - Camp).
The second day:
Waking at 6:00 am, breakfast (Alborz Tour - Camp), delivering supplies and multi-day backpack to support team, start of desert trekking to Arrosan village (about  20 km), trekking includes sand dunes and mountain region, Lunch on the way (tourists - portable pack a day), arriving to abandoned Arrosan village before sunset, accommodation in the village mosque, free time, dinner and soiree (Alborz Tour), enjoying desert sky in a very beautiful area.
(Note the lack of electricity and light pollution in this area provides a dark sky with beautiful stars with the naked eye)
Third day:
Waking at 6:00 am, breakfast (Alborz Tour - Camp), visiting the palm groves and architecture of the village, leaving the region (local minibuses or vans around 15 K. M) and moving to the beautiful desert city Anarak, accomodation in the restored Anarak caravanserai (150 years old hotel), lunch (Alborz Tour - inn), room check in, free time for bathing and reset, visit the city Anarak tissue and Anthropology Museum, dinner (Alborz Tour - inn), rest.
Fourth day:
Waking at 6:00 am, breakfast (Alborz Tour - inn), buying souvenir pottery, drive to Nain, visiting the Desert Museum and the Mosque and the old fabric of the city, moving Ardestan, lunch (restaurant - tour Alborz ), continue towards Tehran, arriving to Tehran Saturday night.

Departure and Arrival

Thursday 1 January 1970
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Tour duration
4 Days
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Bus | Mini-bus | Van for transporting cargo and personnel support
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Attractions & Activities
Camping in the pristine natural areas | Desert Trekking | Rural areas | Visits to monuments

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