Petroglyphs of Teimare

Petroglyphs of Teimare

Journey to the land that I have read in the paper and not have heard the speech.

Visit the ancient works and unmatched forty thousand years old.

Views of the Petroglyphs of Teimare, the most ancient monuments and art of the human left ...


Itinerary: 5 am will move from Tehran to Khomein. Visiting Chalnakhjyr cave in Delijaan City, Lunch will be served at the Delijaan, continue the path toward Khomein, Visit Anthropology Museum and the Castle of Salar Mohtasham in Khomein, accommodation in Naseri Castle in Khan Abad village.

Attractions: Chalnakjir Cave, Salar Mohtasham Castle, Museum of Anthropology Khomein, Khan Abad village, Naseri Castle

Accommodation: Local residents in the village of Khan Abad.

Food: FB

Day 2:

Itinerary: 6 am wake up call , Breakfast is served in the  Naseri castle, Leave the village to visit the Petroglyphs of Teimare, Lunch will be served in nature, Continue to visit the Citadel Googad, Back to Tehran.

Attractions: visit Petro glyphs of Teimare, Historical Citadel Googad

Food: B/L

* NOTE:  Tour specialist Mr. Mohammad Naseri , (Iran scholar rock painting) will present his fantastic lectures in English


Departure and Arrival

Sunday 19 August 2012
Departure Location
میدان ونک٬ خیابان ملاصدرا٬ ابتدای خیابان پردیس
Tour duration
2 Days
Departure Date
5 am
Finish Date

What's included?

بیمه حوادث گروهی


Team includes
سرپرست برنامه

Attractions & Activities

Attractions & Activities
Valley | Visits to monuments

Conditions & Requirements

What to bring?
Supplies needed: Walking shoes, backpacks and pack a day, Clothing, personal utensils (plate - spoon - fork - knife), bottled water, floor mat , sleeping bags, sunscreen, hat, glasses, ID card, sandals or slippers, a telescope or binocular.
Registration deadline
Best time to visit is from December to Aprilو, To purchase this tour to the following email address:

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